Thursday, December 29, 2011

Switching things up

This morning I did my journal writing and after the husband left for work I decided to take the two four legged loves for a walk.  Yes both of them...I started walking them both together when Hank was young but he was growing fast and I need to get some control over his puppiness before he got out of hand so walking them separate has been going on for sometime now..

but this morning I needed a switch as much as they did.. we all did fine.  When I came back home I got the urge to change the sheets on the bed and then I went through my closet and even my shoes I tossed and sort for Goodwill.  It felt really good and then did a bit of vacuuming and had some Oatmeal, honey and fresh blueberries.

 I got my daily gratitude list out and on the back side is my daily agenda...which I make out when I do my morning journaling..I had a few errands to do and then I was heading the woods for myself.. I spent two hours out there...I even wander off the path and follow some deer trails, stopped from time to time and watch the presence of the wind. When I cleaned my closet out I found a very old favorite sweatshirt I hadn't ware in a long time so I put in on to walk in..I should probably had more on as way of layers but it was about 45 and with me flashing these days it feels so great to sweat because I have been exericing and then natural cooled off by the wind that was blowing out there.   The weather has been more like spring then winter in the mid section of the states. I wonder if that's what's been going on?   I've got a case of early spring fever  I'm purging and cleaning clutter.

I've been letting streams of dreams or idea follow out of me for the good intention of the New Year and in doing that it's staying open for the good orderly direction..Being I'm taking a break from creating accept the Tack Down Tuesday's, I'm finding I'm clearing the path for what ever is to come.  The coming year has many great opportunities all ready line up but I would like to invite new inspiration.

Thinking about a  new body of work after pumping out the works for the One of a Kind show this past early December I know I needed this break to gear up for a new game plan.  I've got a couple of shows all lined up for the August, September, October 2012  and I need a good 30 pieces.

 What is it going to be about?, What direction would I like to see my work head?  The last few days I've left myself with the questions and staying open for inspiration or the strong winds of  Good Orderly Direction.

And what I've been hearing is pull all the different voice of my work in to a whole new body of work...

* I started out with a creative style or voice in handmade papers and using them in my collage work.
* I then moved to using image transfers and added found papers and area of paint with embellishments.
* Working with all many different styles of found papers altering techniques I then started to use all of those papers.
* Then bring in glazing and paints.
* I spoke through a good series of Abstract Landscapes and still do speak through them.
* sewing papers randomly and then tacking them to the substrate of clay board and creating small shadow boxes for objects to rest.
* I've explored the painted background and introducing pastels to the surface and working in scarps of collages papers, which has become my free flow mixed media painting voice.
* I've spoke more recently with the sew papers and a combo of found papers on the clay board.
* and I've been dabbling back into my printing days and pulling from that to use in creating collage papers. 

This has been about a good 16 years...of experimenting, exploring and with many areas of stumbling and flat out jumping off in areas I decided to add excitement in and take a few risks.

I would like to pull all this together and bring it out for this as you see the time that I'm resting is all meant to be it's in the cards as they say.

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  1. I get that feeling of "spring cleaning" more at this time of the year than in the spring too, Laura. But I think with me, it's the feel of the new year coming, a new clean slate, getting rid of some of the old, wanting a new clean start.


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