Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December's #2 Tack Down Tuesday

Seeking Peace and Solitude,
8 x 8 collage on 140 lb. watercolor paper, matted all sides 2" ready to slip into a 12 x 12 frame.

Materials used:
Stained tissue papers, altered National Geographic magazine with Citra Solv, printed drawing papers, old book pages and acrylic glazing and altering. Heat fused to 140 lb watercolor paper, polymer medium and UV stain varnish are applied.

Meaning behind the art:

This time of year with the temperatures dropping and the limited daylight it has me seeking to find that peaceful state and some quiet time or solitude. I had started off with something totally different on surface of this watercolor paper, but it wasn’t me it was some inspiration I saw from others works and I tried to emulate it but it wasn’t happening so I centered myself and allow what comes natural to come out and be my authentic self and that had me feeling more at peace and centered. The color blue when presented right can bring the essence of serenity and I feel I captured that here with this simple composition in value, line and shape and the directional guidance of one doing their own seeking.
$50.00 plus tax and s/h

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  1. Definitely has the feel of this time of year! Cool, calm colors. Very nice!


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