Friday, December 09, 2011

Prayer flags continued...

 Prayer flag #4
 Prayer flag #5
 Prayer flag #6
 Prayer flag #7

Prayer flag #8

Prayer flags were cut from a sheet of canvas I had to the size of 6 x 10, it's what one of members decided we would do which was fine with me...this way the would all be the same size.

Well after I cut the canvas I folded over the top and stitched around and left the top sides open to slip the rope or in this case I  used a dowel rod as you can see in the last picture.

 I didn't use gesso as a base because it could crack with the bending that might happen in shipping so I just put two coats of polymer on the surface and let each coat dry.

 The last one you see here is mine...forgot to make me one. So I'll trying to get that done later this weekend.

I taped off the edge of the canvas and then without knowing it when I did a acrylic glazing I went over the tape and got the black odd shapes along  the very top of the of those happy mistakes  and I went with the theme the rest of the way.

 After I tacked down the collage papers with a heat seal iron and then coated all the papers with polymer and let it dry then came back in to each one and add the image transfer of the hand print.  My prayer on the back that goes with these flags is "May the hand of Good Orderly Directions be with you always"  there numbered and dated.  I'm excited..let the house go and worked on this all day.  I figure a good 7 hours in on them..   I need to have these ready by tomorrow and in the mail..they should be good and dried but if not they may be a bit late.

This site above has wonderful information. 

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  1. These are so very cool, Laura. I hope you do a class on these!


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