Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Commitment and follow your bliss

So as Joesph Campbell says....Follow you bliss.  But in following the bliss you still have to commitment to following it and the ideas that come with it.  Lately the bliss for me is about inspiring other to be creative through shared information and ideas...Ideas...Oh look out as this comes in to play I'm actually toying with an ideas of starting a prayer flag project at the art league I belong I share a few days ago an artist from Janesville WI shared with a group of creative types like me to exchange prayer flags and so far it's a wonderful idea. The prayer flags are coming in from all the members...I'll have 9 total with my own included. What a great start...

Julia shares with us about commitment and ideas..Everything is energy. Ideas are simple organized energy, a sort of mold into which more solidified energy can be poured.  A book begins with an idea, so does a social movement and a building. We case our dreams and idea ahead of us, And we move toward them, their content takes on solidity. We co create our lives...she share in a story about horse jumpers when they are going to jump their horse over the fence the have to throw there faith over first...

Does it sound to easy?  well it's not it's a responsibility and privilege to work toward you ideas and dreams. As Artists we pitch a ball of creativity and we also have to catch it too.

Commit to make something you love and you will find that the needed supplies come to hand.  Our creative energy triggers a creative response. 

Commit to playing the music you love, and the music of life becomes more lovely.

When it comes down to money...Our cash flow may not immediately increase, but our opportunity flow will increase.

I love this...Committed to the "what," We trigger the "how"-needed money may appear in the form of an unexpected bonus, a timely and lucrative freelance job, a surprise inheritance, matching funds, or even a corporate scholarship..

As we commit to our dreams, something benevolent commits back. 

Art is a matter of commitment. Commitment is of interest to the Great Creator/Good Orderly Directional when we display faith necessary to make our art, write, paint, redesign etc. The Great Creator displays an interest and an active hand in supporting what it is we are doing. We receive supply in all forms. 

And then for me as Julia states it's like this... A prayer I had barely voiced before it was answered..

When one of us gives voice to our true nature, it is contagious and others soon give tongue as well. 

So now into a self acceptance exercise or task...List 10 positive adjectives that describe yourself.

One with a strong commitment, grounded in reality and inspiring with enthusiasm, a devoted honest and alive individual with a great passion, seeking authenticity instead of seeking outside approval.

After writing this out Julia has us take a look at it so we can begin to see who we are and our traits and how they can be appreciated.

So after reading this section I can't not thinking about the new year coming around the corner. The first start the new ideas in areas that didn't work and question that stirs in my head about what would if I decided to stay in that area.  Had a good Art Tribe meeting and listened to how everyone is doing and where they might be deciding to go with the new year as of outdoor art fairs...there's a handful of us in the group that does the out door fairs and some that have decided to stop and others that just didn't even head that way.. I am not sure what I want to do..with teaching and workshop and the galleries I'm working with I'm pretty full with lots to do...but showing the art in an art fair surely gets it out there to more I'm committed to keep in the art's career and the direction is some what laid out but yet open for flexibility so as the next section of the week one is about snow but also about taking a break and slowing down for a bit and gathering, which in some cases is going against the grain of a passionate person in there bliss so I'll see what tomorrow has to bring with the last section of the week one.

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