Friday, December 02, 2011

Floor to Ceiling

Well here's the booth, quiet still the crowds haven't started coming in yet. I realized I didn't have any signage for inside the booth, I'll be bring it today and I have a dark spot there in both back corners I need a electrician to come and adjust the lighting.  I brought the smaller work and some newer works. 
I'm really like the bin an d the display desk I purchased this year. I throw in the plants at the last minute to protect the legs on the one display panel I used.. as I stated before don't want any tripping in the both or knock down anything. As my daughter came into the booth she said Mom it looks like home..made me feel good.  Well best get a move on the day and get packed up with lunch and something to eat for dinner...kind of pricey for the food there but it's good. I  won't have a helper today but I think the booth mates on the right of me will watch as I run to the restroom.. Sales were low but that's to be expected for the first's the day for people to skim over the art and really try to see it all and then come back and do the purchasing.  Me I've got nothing to compare to it's my first time so all new and excited is the attitude I'm carrying.  I saw so many good people from my classes and was awesome to see them all.


  1. Hi Laura,
    Remember that a big part of a show like this is the exposure you will get to new people who have never seen your work... be yourself, be friendly and approachable... pass out a ton of business cards & brochures... which could turn into future sales... good luck, and hope to see you on Sunday. Your booth looks fantastic! I'm sure you are going to do great!

  2. Laura ...your booth looks wonderful! I would just love to come visit.. but being in Michigan does not make it possible. Deb has very good advice for you. Wishing you well and exicted to hear how things go for you.

  3. It's all about making connections. Enjoy the show. Booth looks fab. Heading to the Toronto One of A Kind tomorrow

  4. that it is Lottie,
    I've learned from past experiences that the show and contacts are never done just in the days that they are...something always seems to happen days, months and years later...just the way the line of business is.


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