Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sick husband

Oh I really hate to see my man down...he's got the flu....
First time in about 30 or so years that he's called in was hard for him to do thing I know but he's his own man and I suggest yesterday to say home but he went to work...when he came home at 4:00 he went right to sleep and didn't wake up till this morning only to feel just as bad...So now he's back in bed after the calling in sick. Had when the job is construction an non union and when you don't work you don't get paid...we will do worries there..I dare not kiss him and washing everything really good... I surely don't need to get sick myself...being the head cook of the Thanksgiving feast and the OOak show coming up..Let's say I'm playing it safe...

I managed to create 6 more 12 x 12's and have about 6 to 8 more I would like to create today and hopefully have them drying tonight with varnish and read for matting...So off to start on the day...shower, breakfast, big guy to the vet, create a few piece and meet someone who want's to by a tack iron then back into the studio...Oh yes I will check on the man and make sure he's Ok...but best let him sleep...he's a really bear when he's sick..

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