Saturday, November 26, 2011


Reality is...I've got to get going on making a new list...and this list is for all the things I need to gather around the house and pack up in the Transit for Tuesday morning...I need to get to the Merchandise Mart for 8:00am drop off...then the fun begins as of I get to set up home for four days.  I've been putting this on hold because of the family emergency with my husband...I just heard there was an episode on House, TV show that was about Legionnaire's Disease. The thing is after the antibiotic do their thing it's gone...complication can be with his other organs...such as his heart, lungs and liver...but he's was never contagious like a cold...I have to share with you something that is so wild...the bacteria is in a water vapor that could travel up to 4 miles before it was breathed in by my husband...That's not how it happened, we really don't know where when or how but that is how fluky this is.  So I'm sticking around the house a bit long this morning because I need to caught up on some things and then I can head up for a brings a few tears up and out when I hear from him that he's so happy to hear my voice in the morning...the nights have been a bit hard on him.. So as I said he should be coming home soon as he's on step down where he can walk around now with a pocket version of the monitor for all his stats and feel more like a human being but the ceiling veiwing is murder on perspective...I wonder if they could put nice earthy picture up there when you laying in bed all the time instead of counting the black dots or how may lines you see...Now there's an idea for artist especial one that do landscapes. Something that is peaceful to look at..

Ok off I go moving forward and with grace.


  1. The hard part for someone dealing with a loved one's illness is having to deal with functioning in 'normal' routine mode. You are doing perfectly. And yes, I can imagine your hubs' free spirit is going nuts locked inside. When I was designing I remember seeing landscape ceiling panels for use in offices like dentists, etc. Hospitals definitely need those and headphones to drown out the beeping.

  2. So sorry to hear about what is going on with your hubby Laura! Funny how things are so much more tough when it comes to the men's health. Hope it all gets better with each day and good luck with your big show! Hope it is hugely successful!!

  3. Just checking in, Laura, and glad he seems to be doing better. I do know how scary that imbalance of electrolytes can be. Experienced that with my mom. Sorry you have to have so much on your mind, but I know everything will be fine soon. Thinking of you. hugs.

  4. Laura,
    Sending you good karma for these tough days. Keep walking in the woods-taking care of yourself.

  5. Blessing to all of you and thank you for you support.


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