Thursday, November 03, 2011

Rambling on....

Juggling many things lately and doing OK...I know I've been rambling on about the Artist way and the many events going on... going into fall and the winter time shortly it always make me go into a introspective thought process... Some would say spring would do it for them but it's this time of year for me..Be it the essence of a mother bear or what I seem to pull in and want to reflect on where I've been now and where to go..

First off Gratitude is away that I keep my act in the right perspective.  Every day I pull out a piece of paper that I've stamped on the image of a list, yes the gratitude list.

I fill it out and not always is it full by the end of the day but it's my way to work with the day at hand. on the opposite side is my daily list of things to do or tackle on some days. Well when I put myself in the mind set of gratitude it is truly a way of perceiving life from a half full cup...and though life has her mess bits, it become more manageable for me.

Also lately it's good hard work that's been a blessing too. As new 50's or age thing steps in I'm wanting to be a bit of slacker.  So actually I've been forced to work a bit harder and hard work never hurt any also give me a good sense and mind set of self-esteem...I know what does a grown woman need with that?  Well many things in life still come up and around and make some circles in my head or life and to keep a good a steam able attitude about my life creates some awesome moments.

And Staying in the presents lately and being real in my dailiness has been another blessing.  Each day I've had to break things down in to smaller steps and I can't say how great it feels...still a bit unknown about the out come but it gives me away to look back and see I'm in it I'm making progress on my life and the action I want and need to's kind of a freeing feeling...Oh I know it's not a pink cloud but it's a really awesome feeling.

So as I ramble on...I stated yesterday that I won an award with the National Collage Society, which means in 2004 I entered the show and won, last year I entered but didn't win and this year I entered and won 2011...I need one more award and I will be a signature member of the cool is that..a goal to work towards next year...each year they have a new set of judges...Now I've entered the Postcard show too but never have won...I just wanted to share that because it's one of those things that you keep doing because you can and you never know what will happen.  or you say Don't Give Up!

I ordered my frames and mats...I also order some frame corners that are made from bamboo so I'm interested in finding out about them and there cost.  I also order a new bin with matching carpet and a pedestal for my booth set me crazy but it was an investment in my presentation of my booth..I've still got to do some sewing of a few panels and then things will be coming together for Dec 1...

off to get dressed into some womanly today and head to the studio...Have you ever done that dressed up for the heck of it? feels really good and some nice warm tea with the winds blowing the leaves is what is being called for.


  1. What a very positive post.
    Most uplifting.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your gratitude list. Learning from you all the time. I am not much into dressing up. Sometimes I undress for the heck of it.

  3. Gratitude is the attitude for the day!!


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