Monday, November 14, 2011

One full week.....

I know I can do a challenge. I need to post my progress as a way to see that I'm moving forward... Crazy as it seems it works for me. Yesterday I was all over in the studio, not in a scattered way but doing a few different things.  I thought about all the 12 x 12 I've got cut and where I was going with that and had no mats cut for I spent a good hour or so cutting mats and the foam core backing so that when the piece were dry I could slide them into the plastic sleeves. Then I went back to working a few of the mini abstract landscapes and let them dry and then I was off creating a few 12 x 12's...had to stop and take some breaks...Had some lunch and then went back at it...pulled out the sewing machine and made a back panel for my pedestal thing I have for the booth will give a bit a privacy.  I still don't know how to set up my booth..I'm praying the right ideas will come when I need it. 

These pieces will be matted up and ready for bin work shortly..I've completed now 10 of the 25 mini abstract landscapes and 6 of the 20 12 x 12's 

Off to start the day..


  1. You're a demon for work Laura... good thing you love it.... and that love shows. Great images!

  2. Lovely, Laura, lovely! Your booth ideas will come. Just make sure you set it up beforehand. Take some pictures and you'll know just what you want when you do it for real. It will relieve a bunch of stress leading up to the doors opening.


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