Sunday, November 27, 2011

Inner serenity

Inner Serenity is how I can say I've dealt with this all.  Husband is home and had a pretty good nights sleep but still has to take it at a snails pass. We are all so grateful to be back to our little norm. 

I have to share how and what has helped me stay sane...and I'm so grateful for being able to put this into practice.  

1. I do have a higher presence in my life and I do turn to often and this last week and a half I've had to have it carry me and my husband. I've all way's believed but now if ever a speck of doubt no more. Not that I ever needed any proof but it was given to us with out asking only seeking guidance through this.

2. My walks in the woods... though I was only able to walk the two four legged loves around the neighborhood a few times it was all the time before that help me walk in a clearing through it all. With out realizing I would picture moments of pure joy and meaning that I experience when I'm walking in the woods that was very strong in me and help me keep an inner peace.

3. And the most important parts have been the connection of people, all the nurses that where on the spot doing their jobs. Some long 12 hours shifts and two to three days in a row. Of course the team of doctors working together to solve this situation as best that know how... But back to the nurses, not only are they there for the care of a patient but for the family members too. They play a role of many.  We are so grateful for them and their love of there job.

4. All our family and friends that have sent prayers and contacted us through it all have been a wondrous means of support.

5. Staying in the day and moment with gratitude was the biggie for me.  I would start to drift to the dark side stop and step out everyone once and a while but then quickly jump back in and head to the moment.  And the dark side is the fear...fear of what if and then the vehicle gets rolling in thought.  The meaning of One Day at a Time has been a motto to carry me through along with the trust in a God or as many of us have heard...Good Orderly Direction /God...

So now a bit of anxiety is welling but I'm so thankful that I've been doing my Girl Scout thing and preparing for the event of the One of a Kind Show...I was all so willing to let to go right totalling accepting of that choice...but my reality right now has keep the door open for me to continue on exhibiting... Back to the game plan and gather the regalia around the homestead and centering it one place and checking things off the list and tomorrow will be packing day.

Thanks and many blessing for everyone that has read my posts the last few days and has sent their care, prayers and good positive thoughts they have done to continue and play it forward to the next family member or friend..and I think I send a good thought to a stranger too..never now if they need one or not..

Peace in, out and all around


  1. What a wonderful post! So glad to hear all is returning to normal. Perhaps better than normal with what sounds like peace and reconfirmed faith. Good luck in the art show! Your woods walks sound wonderful. Sending hugs.

  2. Walks and dogs. Dogs and walks. Both are tethering points. I've been following your challenges. Glad to read you're on the up side.

  3. Such a strong good attitude, Laura. Everything is working out and all will be fine. So happy your husband is home. Good luck with the show!


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