Sunday, November 06, 2011

Husband's and Second Oldest Daughters Birthday Celebrations Today

Puttering around this morning, I won't say what time I woke up this morning..Oh my gosh...early with the time change I get all messed up..I remember it would take about two weeks for the babies to settle down with the time change when they were little and the four legged loves too.  I'm moving a bit slower this morning I went a did it good and some soreness has set in..thinking I'm a young thing...well I really pushed it out in the woods yesterday but it sure felt good and soreness is muscles that need more of a work out that's all.

Today I have two birthdays in the homestead, My daughter Madaline Rose and the I am into the homestead chores a bit this morning and baking a cake and preparing for a gathering.  Not a bit crowd but a good family crowd will come.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweeties! Hope you all have a lovely day.


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