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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Had a great plan and then it died out

I was trying to stick to my Mission mind action plan but my body had other ideas going on.. I couldn't help myself and I soaked in as much of the day as I could and I think I might have over did it...when I get myself a bit anxiety I can reach for food to numb me out or I can get out and go for a walk well I've been pushing the walking and did another 10 miles, 6 miles granny running and 4 miles dog walking.  extreme is what you might call it..but I took advantage of the day.

I had cranked out 31 one starters I'll call it the day before and yesterday I was only able to cut 20 12 x 12 tape off the edges, coat them and let them dry...I did start on three or a small series of 12 x 12 but they need a new morning eye...

Today I hope to get back up there and either cut the mats for the 25 mini abstract landscapes or pump out a few more 12 x 12's...

but yesterday in the woods and walking around the neighborhood was grand...

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