Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deep needs

Deeper needs below the surface of your emotional cravings.  Well that statement was in my Gemini horoscope from Daily Om this morning.  With all the creating going on in the studio feeling a bit sapped now and then I might need to had out to the woods..the deeper need seems to be a connection to something way bigger then I...The preparing for the holiday and the OOaK show I'm needing to be aware of my own personal needs at this time.  So I'm going to make sure I spend some time alone but more for the filling of the spirit in my then anything else.

Yesterday I had to take our Eldest four legged love in to the vet...it seems three was something growing from one of front pads of his paw...the Vet looked at it and took Carl into the back to get a few extra hands on him to hold him in place and he snipped the growth off and seen that it was nothing to be alarmed about and bandaged him up and gave us some antibiotics and we are good...I was a bit concerned for him...So happy he's going to be OK...it may grow back or it could have been a part of the pad that split a while ago and was hanging there and being a nuances to his walking..and we walk at lest 5 times a week so that's important...Nice Vet though...

I finished 25 new Mini Abstract Landscapes and now need to put them in the mats I cut and get ready for the plastic sleeves and label...Oh label dang I forgot I need to print labels. Hard to prepare for something you've never done before...but wait I have done out door art fairs and that's a chore...preparing for the weather even thought it's going to be sunny out..You just never know what's going to blow up or in around here with the weather.

I reorder my rack cards...seems I did what I always do and that's to have a type 0...not a very big one but enough to cause a bit if discomfort for me...you know the unsettling kind...I had put a of instead of a from...big difference, so I feel better about that. The old one's I can still use but I'll use them to toss in a piece of work after the big show coming up...crazy yes as my family was a bit upset with me that I went and spend the money...but bottom line is I've always had to have type o's and this time I'm not going to have it...it's like a sign that hangs on my neck all the time saying I can't write or spell...well I'm not a word smith or a master of the words, so for now I'm grateful I could do and had time. 

Trying to stick to a schedule of at lest 5 to 6 hours of working in the studio...though it's in small slots I'm doing it...and I had to say No to someone yesterday...they needed a ride to a woman's group I belong to and I had planned on not going today anyways so when she called I say No honey, I won't be going to the meeting I have to work in MY STUDIO...yikes that was a big thing to say... She was OK with it hard for her to hear no when she was hoping to get a ride...and I had some mixed feelings(guilt) but all is good...I'm my own boss now and not to be getting goofy about this all it's just because of the holiday of Thanksgiving too...I've got to not play around with my time..it's very special to me now.  My home will not be the cleanest one this holiday that's got to be let go of and the fish tank will have to wait till after...all that preparing for a few hours of feasting with family isn't the really big picture...just spending time with the family and being grateful for another year together.


  1. Laura,
    Your work ethic inspires me. Good luck with the upcoming show!

  2. Glad Carl is okay. I think you did good to reorder your cards. Obviously it has made you feel better, more professional to have done so. Regarding the clean (or not)house, you know what they say, "those who care don't matter and those who matter don't care." I am sure it was Dr. Seuss who said that.
    we are here We are here We Are Here!

  3. Thanks Mary, and Jan I needed to hear that from Dr. Seuss thank, I just got the email my cards are on there way...wow that was fast...

  4. Thanks Mary, and Jan I needed to hear that from Dr. Seuss thank, I just got the email my cards are on there way...wow that was fast...


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