Monday, November 28, 2011

BOGO November's #5 Tack Down Tuesday

 Wide River Red
8 x 8 collage with  2" mat all sides 12 x 12

Wide River Blue
8 x 8 collage with 2" mat all sides 12 x 12
Materials Used:
140lb. watercolor paper, Polymer medium gloss, engineer plans paint. stained tissue papers, Old book pages, gessoed and painted Kraft paper, painted and glazed white lunch bags and printed parchment papers with black thread stitching. Sealed with UV satin varnish.

Meaning behind the art:
Our family just went through a unexpected emergency and made it through with much gratitude. My heart is flowing with love,  life and all the small things that really matter. Even though the situation for our family was a bit scary there was a strong flow like water in a river that guided us. My favorite colors to create with our this turquoise and red/orange and grey and yellow...something about those colors really excite me. The turquoise blue is a color that bring me peace and calmness. And the red orange represents a strong life force that runs through all living creatures, connecting us.  An amazing abundance was what I felt when I was creating these pieces.

 I know it's Monday but because I'll be in the city tomorrow setting up for the One of A Kind Show I would still like to offer this opportunity to purchase two collage a day early as Preview Tack Down Tuesday's 5th BOGO special.  So don't pass this deal up,  One for you and one for a gift.

Today is Buy one Collage and get the other one Free

These collages will be at the One of Kind Show this weekend..


  1. Wow, these collages are beautiful! I love the colors, and the compositions are fantastic. In every cloud, there is a silver lining, your work definitely represents the silver in your recent experiences... glad to hear things are getting better.

  2. Your images are instantly recognisable Laura. You have such a unique way of working.

  3. wow. really lovely. the colors work so well together. love what it represents.

  4. I love these Laura.

  5. these pieces are gorgeous! check out my blog?:)


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