Saturday, November 19, 2011

Artwork is inventoried

 I've finished matting, framing and going through the work to make sure it looks presentable..a few of them I had to pull apart and clean up the stuff between the glass and mat..funny how things have a way of slipping in there..I've got a good variety of work mainly the smaller stuff. I have a nice price range of 65.00 for un -framed work to the largest size one below 1350.00.
 I'm bring the skateboard because it goes with the series I did called Paperworks I and might be a good eye catcher as some one comes around the corner possibly. 
Here's a pile of work that has been framed and not to old but I think might do better for bin last night I pulled it all out and have good frames for other works to come and slipped these into plastic sleeves. 

Now to get ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday.....


  1. A massive amount of work there Laura... good luck!

  2.'s so cool to see your prep process!

  3. Wow! Look at all that hard work. Kudos to you.


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