Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sun Shines Brightest and Summers Path

Sun Shines Brightest, 24 x 24 collage on canvas, part of the 13 Moons series has found a home...Just this past Monday Robin N. came by with her husband to pick it up. I have to share the story for Robin. Your husband talked to me at the Make Your Mark Journal reception ask that I keep it a quiet and that he wanted to by this piece for you for a early christmas present..I was in awe...he is a keeper for sure...I hope you are both enjoying it. I'm so happy that it has found your home to be in.

Summers Path  16 x 16  collage on clay board with the 2" wood sides was sold last night in the Downers Grove Public Library Solo exhibit of mine. Eve shared how she was pulled by to this piece again and it's still hanging at the Library till November 2nd and then it all comes down and will find a home in her house.


  1. Thank you Laura!! We are enjoying it very much!!! And how cool that you sold another one!!! Your hubby seems like a sweetie too! I'm sorry we didn't have longer to talk but it had been a long day. I am really proud to have your work in my home!

  2. P.S. I was writing in my MP's today about all the good things that have happened as a result of my making the commitment to do the journal project---there have been so many!! I'm feeling really lucky!

  3. These are both very deep pieces, I'd love to have either hanging in my house but will content myself with looking at the photos. You do fascinating work, Laura.

  4. Anonymous8:52 PM

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  5. Robin good for's great to see you really enjoying the creative process.
    Yes the hubby is a sweetie..
    thanks Jan..


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