Monday, October 17, 2011

Many hours in the studio

I stuck to my guns as they say...and made my papers that I scheduled to do this weekend..They are all coated and ready for the next process they will go through. Well right now they will hang on the rack and dry a bit but then they will be for the abstract landscapes I'll be making.  I've not worked out the details on the size yet...I normally make them 6 x 12 but I need to do some re thinking as of framing and packing.  The next step will be to get information to my Techie Girl and have her work up a nice simple brochure for me.. I had one a while back but this want to be just basic info for people to take and for me to slip in to the bag if they choose to select one of my pieces at the One of a kind much to prepare for but Can't chop a tree down with an ax and expect to happen in one swing can to keep chipping a way at it.. so with today I'm heading out to center and walk my dogs and tack the Monday's list which is getting bigger each week...what's that all about? I need to do some sort on on that one as of what really needs to get done and maybe something can go to next day... but honestly, I do love a good challenge as of can I do it today...all of it on the list.. so Busting a good move this morning...


  1. Love to watch as you progress through the process. Planning and dreaming with organization, but letting the wild inner child play all the while.

  2. Always wonderful plans, Laura. And...I can't wait for Sunday's class!

  3. key is to remember to play and have fun right?

    Yes April I can't wait to share with you all too.

    best get going on that today..


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