Monday, October 24, 2011

A little recap from the Free flow mixed media collage workshop

Number 47
Here is my sample/demo piece I presented to the workshop yesterday...I shared about using up the scrap collage papers we've all been saving for the years and creating some free flowing piece..I also like think of these piece as been a bit edgier then the others. But it really determine you mind set, colors and how you gesture lines come out..strong bold or soft and curve.. so here is a few of the photo's more will be posted on the Midwest Collage Society blog today..

 Cynthia and Debra, making the choices on were the collage scrap will look best.
 Eve coating a few of her papers and Turkan applying some collage papers.
 There were 14 students in this workshop, very thankful for everyone on of them and the space we worked in...I still have to call over there and let them know I think we blew a fuse...happens all the time with me as of using all the extra hair dryer to dry things faster in the short amount of time we are in the workshop.
 Sally's piece, she was a busy little creative spirit...or was it the Snickers bars....hmmm she had a grand time.
Working with the scrap collage papers Joan here is making a choice about where she would like the party to happen..I share that as a way for everyone to get the idea that there is a main area where the collage papers are layered and then there might be another part of the party/collage papers in a different area of the house...this I hope help them understand a bit more..and kept it real...I believe everyone had a good time, not as easy as it looks to put less papers on and have a colored background using a gesture line as a some what as a guide the can help you make choice later...I even ahd them use there opposite hand to make the gesture line mark...I have great fun with these..


  1. Had a wonderful time! Always enjoy learning a new technique and all your "tricks of the trade". Loved it, Laura!

  2. Fabulous workshop Laura... wish I lived over there.

  3. thanks April and Jo


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