Sunday, October 16, 2011

In the studio and out in the woods

It's really funny how things work... going into this weekend I know my time it limited for the next couple of weeks and I must keep it grounded and focused, not obsessive though. Don't want to do crazy.  That's why I asked my son if he wanted to do breakfast with me yesterday morning..I was all set to head up to the studio but the opportunity offered itself to a spontaneous movement...and though he's not a big talker and hasn't hung out with mom in along time it was pleasant, connective, and breakfast was great.  I then came home and went up to the studio to start coating a huge stack of papers.   I was very fortunate to have a box I'd saved from all my demo work.  Some good papers to continue creating on and coating.  I have no idea what and where these papers are going and I have to admit, I'm excited about that. Well I do know where there going, as of some new work for the One of a Kind show-Chicago.

The thing about all this is though it looks like play from the outside world or kindergarden it's my play that leads to a final piece of art..The process begins.  I announce to the family that I'm going up to the studio and I have to be there...well they probably could really careless as they have work and a life of their own but it gave them and me bit of for warning that I'm not the homestead clean service today or this weekend. I'm not trying to be nasty by saying this more so the real truth and it's a family and it's a good one at that.

After being up there and creating a few huge sheets of altered engineer plans...You see that the base for some of the collage papers as it is and now I made it into something else..Great fun using the plastic spreaders/old gift cards and moving the paints all over the surface...knowing full well it's not going to be the art alone so I give myself to right to muck up a bit and then when dried and coated with the polymer they will be ready to be part of something bigger. When I tear the pieces and add it to the art work I'm creating theirs this understanding and connectedness with it before I even know what I'm going to create or bring out on the surface...Make sense?  or does it sound a bit silly...Oh well it works for me.
So why dis something that's working...I say go with the flow on it.

I was exhausted to the point of saying I put in a good hard day of work/creative time and now I needed to take care of myself even was 5:30 and no one was home. The husband was helping his uncle and aunt with their computer problems and let me know he wouldn't be I shared that I was heading to the woods...I just needed to do that so I can stay in the now of the day...My mind can so easily trail off and be in another month...I sometime have to be there for when I'm preparing for classes but I truly need to just be in the Now of the day..

So out to the woods I went...I had some tension I know I need to loosen up and walk off..Took me about a quarter of the path to let down, release and accept the flow of the woods medicine. The medicine I receive when I'm out there is to be present look, listen, smell, hear and feel.   I saw one other woman out there walking but otherwise it was just me and the tower half leafless old oaks. As I came around for the second time I hear a noise and looked up to see a raccoon running up the tree...Way up top he went.  As I carried on the rhythm of my body I headed up to the other side of the woods and that's when I heard the Old Owl,  Hooting, A good three times...the light of day was slowing leaving and I felt a bit helpless there but keep going.. Had to admit I was a bit scared and that I would be alright, I was just in the moment of the changing of the time of day when the day animals bed down and the night animals wake up...a lot of stirring of sounds...I was in the void of the end of day...but I would be alright...Kind of exciting too! to be part of the feelings you have when your a young child and its this time of year...Halloween...right around the corner.

When I got home I was very grateful that I took care of myself and fit my walk in and spent some time with my four legged loves in the early morning makes me happy to see them relaxed and happy too. Life is a good busy and I'm blessed to be this busy with my art and career..Keep the balance is the key and making the extra effort to keep me at the top of the list..

Another day in the studio is planned...I'm excited about this as I've got some stained tissue papers lined up along with some gesso textured ones in mind..


  1. Lovely and inspiring post, madam. I read it to my husband and then we both sat there looking at the collage I recently bought from you, which is framed and sits on the fireplace mantel. You've inspired me to check the tide table to see if it's a good time to take a walk on the beach. There are birds to see, perhaps an eagle flying overhead, intriguing piles of kelp, errant feathers in the sand, and, of course, crows! --Carol Leigh

  2. It sounds like about as close to a perfect day as can be.

  3. Sounds like you filled your candy bag a couple weeks early.

  4. So good you took that opportunity to have breakfast with your son, Laura. A "feel good" morning, huh? And then you were gifted with a perfectly wonderful day.


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