Monday, October 03, 2011

The art of staying fresh and always learning.

I'm working with a online group through the Artist Way, by Julia Cameron...I have to say every time I do this I gain new insight and learn so much about life, myself and a bigger picture of things. 

Now this week is a Sense of Possibility

And I'm pulling segments from it that are speaking louder then others. Funny thing is the last time I did this I used a pink highlighter and I'm not connecting with those same parts.

* Being Authentic * Thinking of radical changes, no longer ruling out your growth by making others the cause of you constriction. 
Well just the sentence there has me questioning if I do that...and if I do that how can I change that.. as of with out realizing it I might be blaming my own lack of growth on someone else?  That is possible...need to look in to that one of those things that flashes in my face and I still don't get it..but staying open for something on it..

* Clearing away the wreakage. When I read that I know I'm like this, it's  great all the stuff that seem to continue block my positive thinking still needs to be cleared way.. also things that come up into our/my life that hender my thinking and make me go into the self sabotage mode.

* Cooperating with Gods plan it manifest goodness in our lives-We can begin to let go of having to sabotage ourselves.
I picked up on this part mainly because it's seem to be a natural things that human beings go through be it that they are  creative or not but even artists that have been at it for along time have moments of sabotaging some of there plans with out even realizing it..Well that's my own personal reseach on I talk and listen to other artists...some are better at hiding it and not letting people know they still do it..but we all struggle...the thing is to be aware and make that adjustment and get out of that mode quick like too..  

* By listening to the creator with in we are led to our right path...this is a tough one if you are over stimulated by major influences to listen to your gut, that's why walking or granny running in the woods is so important to my listening to good orderly's me and the woods medicine and then I can hear my right path.  

* We must learn to let the flow manifest itself where IT will.... not where We will it. Big time Trust walk is being asked at lest that's what I'm understanding.

* As each Idea comes to us we must in good faith clear away our inner barries to acting on it and then on an outer level take the concrete steps necessary to trigger our synchronous good. Ok if your reading this and wonder what it going on...This is me seeking guidance from a source that is bigger then all of us and I find always good orderly direction like this from doing the Artist way's my way to reconnect.   

What does this have to do with creating art?  good question...I can only response with if you want to create good art then you have be willing to create a good life for yourself so back to the Know thy self and with that then the flow will move through...well that's one of my beliefs and from my past experience its works so I so enjoy being aware, alive and in the now and living...

off now to cleaning a back room of the studio so I can make room for art work to come home from a solo show at the end of the month...and having the whole family over for taco's tonight so more then usually will be attending..kind of excited about that. And slipping in a tack down tuesday... 
the post that I've posted about the Artist Way is only info from the first session of the week 5 reading...I read a bit each morning so I can break it down and comprehend it as best I can for my personal needs...back to being authentic. 


  1. Thanks for the tutoring this morning!

  2. It's a great book Laura... every artist should work their way through it.

  3. This is good. I was tempted to tell you to put it on the AW blog but we can come here and read it too. I like the bits that you are connecting with.

  4. very thoughtful post. I had to read it 3 times to take it in, thanks for writing it.


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