Saturday, September 03, 2011

trip back from the art league

Our interview when well with Marie Lazzero, and it should be in the LaGrange Patch soon..we will have to keep an eye..instead of the local newspapers it's on line. But here is small window display of the journals.

Had a nice chat with Nancy and Dianne and then I had to head out with the sandwich peg boards...borrowed about 8 of them to use for the Outdoor Studio Exhibit..and then in the afternoon I headed to the Darien Village hall to get my permit..which it's a Garage Sale permit. A few years back when I started having my Outdoor Studio Exhibits I shared with them what I had wanted to do and they figured this was the best why to no I'm not having a garage sale, but just follow protocol for the village.

That's a few more things checked off the list. And this morning I'm using my new lap top that has just come back for the second's is working wonders..hope it stays that way...Technology is grand till something goes wrong and then where are you...well the husband could fix most things but this was under warranty yet so best have them fix it..

I have to report making progress on my big piece too..careful I'm bring a vision to the surface.. and allow the intutive side to guide me.. all is going well.

Off to check more things off the list and continue the progress.

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