Sunday, September 25, 2011

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I can't help myself,

I'm sharing this photo with you all, Robyne(she sent it to me) with the dark blue sweatshirt is standing next to Patti Digh author if Life is a Verb and her latest book, What I wish for you.  Robyne and a few other gals and I are in a book club...Our first book was Life is a Verb and we thought we would stay with Patti Digh a while and read her other books together... We like to gather together and discuss, though the discussion seem to stem around the most important things to each other..Life, love, educations, people, and a few of the mess bits of life but we are really enjoying ourselves with it.. and opening up our perception on a lot of topics.
I had to share my bowl of rocks too. 
a collector of all different kinds of things but smooth rocks just make me feel connected in a very spiritual way. There is history and a story...with this rocks though from Kim Mailhot's site Queen of Arts you can have you a little insight on your day.. I've posted this photo awhile back but the main stones in the center are from Pebble beach...up in Wisconsin...My bowl has a few more stone in then pictured...I had treated myself a bit more a while back. 

Here is a quote from her book... chapter three-Make peace with time BE PRESENT.
 What I wish for by Patti Digh

When confronted with a challenge that will take a lot of your time, don't focus on how much time it will take. Focus on whether it's how you want to spend your time. Because the time will pass anyway. - Susan R Meisinger.


  1. How cool that she got to meet Patti Digh!!! I LOVED Creative is a Verb!!!

  2. It sounds like you have a terrific book club. I'll have to look into the books you mentioned.

    I also have a little rock collection. :0) I think what I like most about my little rocks and stones is that they are so very old, and would have quite a story to tell, if I could understand their language. :0)

  3. got me thinking...I hear the stones/rocks are our grandfathers so there might be some wisdom the want to share...must listen closely.


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