Tuesday, September 06, 2011

September 6th, Tack Down Tuesday

"Change in the Air"

Materials Used:
140lb. watercolor paper, painted drawing paper with printing, painted drawing paper, old maps white washed and printed on, stained tissue papers, printed parchment paper, image transfers and stamping.

Meaning of the artwork:
Here in Illinois the weather has made a drastic change, from 98 to 68 in two short days, the geese are flying over and practicing flying formation and the crows are gathering in the tree tops cawing about what's happening down below. I just finished a larger piece with crow images in it so all this is fresh on my mind and came out in this composition done in black, white and gray.

$45.00 with 20% off for the month of September..

Final sale price
$36.00 + tax and s/h


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