Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Regrouping day.

It's been a whirlwind if activities this month of September which as left me with a nasty head cold...everyone is getting it so fast...lots of sneezing with it so that could be the calprit of everyone getting is so's just floating in the air for everyone to get it..

 I needed some deeper tones to add to my paper palette...which I've got to personal build up myself...putting it out I need about two weeks to fill the paper racks I have that are bare.
 Here are the gals using the Citra Solv on the National Geo. magazines...some magazine worked an other didn't but we were able to save them with some different techniques while they were still wet with the citra solv.
 Reworking a few older papers to see what would happen to them and replenish the paper supplies for October.
 Working with Gesso to add texture to the found papers, lunch bags, book pages, sheet music, kraft papers, postcards, old name we were experimenting our hearts out.

Not good for some of us that are trying make life simpler, this class has you collecting all kinds of STUFF to stamp and print with on the papers to make them uniquily theirs.

With all this classes going now one is full with creativity on all fronts but still there is another area to check out...I've spoken to a journalist with the Doings newspaper and she did a little article on the Mark Your Mark journal project and if you click on the link below you can read about and also stop in for a look at these journals there are amazing.

Well got me a day to rest up and I started to say been very busy with all my streams of income...things artist have to do so that they can really do the one thing they so passionately love to do...and that is to create their art.. but I've also have to rest...when you give in so many drain yourself so rest and chicken noodle soup is what the wise woman tells me to do today..


  1. Busy, busy, busy... it all looks like great fun.... but take care of that cold!

  2. Thanks Jo...feeling better but sounds worse then it is took a nice walk in the woods and recharged the whole body mind and soul thing...


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