Sunday, September 25, 2011

ReCap on Make Your Mark Journal Project at LaGrange Art League

Well I hope I didn't post doubles here, I don't think I did.  I had forgot my regular camera at home and all I had was the phone camera but it did the job pretty good I think.  The LaGrange Art League has been active for over 75 years with artist working and volunteering their personal time to create a place for others to exhibit their work and also to take classes.  This is my home Art League, I'm a member of a few others but this is the one I joined over 13 years ago.  From time to time I cut loose and latch on to a ideas and then I start my babbling and before you know it we've got a group of highly creative people joined together for the love's  a simple way to put it... They believe in the idea and see that it can be carried out and share their skills, talents and time then amazing things happen.  There was 46 journals that were present on the exhibit table and we had about 30 people, one of the committee members counted and then lost count so it was grand to see that amount of people.  And they were all doing what it as meant to do...Interacting with the art in the journals, they would pick up a journal and sit with it and Oooo and Ahhh over all the incredible things people did, from a simple mark, a watercolor, to a straight stitch, and to a poem shared from two people in love...

Everyone was asking me if I was going to do it again...No...sorry no sequels from me...the floor is open for another idea to emerge and rise to creative creation.. One good thing from this project is that there is a bit of funds left over that are now going to be set aside for other LaGrange Art League Members to use for Creative ides such as this one, beside the normal holiday and event things.. its a chance for artist or closet artist to explore something different if there not ready to exhibit art on the walls  and also for those wanting to expand on a idea out side the box that can let the public know there is a Art League with local artists showing and selling their work right in the neighborhood.  Which is hard to keep around with these days...Galleries are closing their doors left and right..

Well I just want to thank the wonderful people that volunteered there time and creative ideas to make this all come full circle...Great job everyone..



  1. Thank you to you and everyone else who made this project happen! I'm so glad I decided to participate! I feel like I learned something from every single page I did! And then to see all the journals together yesterday was awesome!! It sure makes you realize that the amount of creativity in the world is infinite---we have an unlimited supply!!!

  2. Oh Robin your welcome...I'm glad you took part in it too.

  3. Love seeing the young budding artists in that one photograph. Good Mom for exposing them to this event!

  4. Sounds and looks like it was a WONDERFUL EVENT! Big Congrats!
    You are fortunate to have a group that is willing to work and roll with ideas, making art happen for everyone.
    I don't think a lot of people realize how important that is~~putting the art out there, especially with the journals where people could touch and hold.
    Very very GOOD! :-)


  5. Great job to the organizers, participating artists coming out of their closets and the attendees who are looking for inspiration.


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