Saturday, September 17, 2011

Last outdoor Art fair for me-Naperville Riverwalk

It's early and I thought I would stop in and check my emails before I head out and give a little post here. with a nice head cold settling in, I'm really grateful my daughter decided to give me a cut about an hour off of the job, mainly going back and forth to the Transit with the Dolly to get to the supplies and all she was my Pack mule for the afternoon..and a really good one at that.  I was setting up my new light dome tent and with out realizing it a fellow artist was watching me put it up and was impressed with the easy process I was going through and wanted to ask what kind of tent...well he'll be stopping by today I'm sure to take a closer look...but my spot on the Riverwalk is's not on the main drag of the art fair, and I'm glad of it, I have the back drop of the river and the wonders of nature all around me...The flow of traffic of people is might fine, I even heard the other artist setting up saying it was a good spot too. So time to make a lunch and eat a breakfast and pack up the art and head out..

Should be a great day for Naperville Riverwalk, Sept 17th and 18th 10-5pm each day.

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