Monday, September 26, 2011

Informations coming in and the 5 year plan

Well of course the seasons are changing here in the mid country of the United states...and along with change in season it always bring a change of attitude and perspective for me.  Time to look in and sort out...what helps is the morning pages that I do...I've been getting a nudged to work with younger people but I've also been getting a inner calling to settle in to just focusing on my one business... With trying to do the good mature adult thing I've personal volunteered my time in a lot of places... nothing super major but I've put some extra energies out there.  So what does this have to do with information coming in?   Yesterday in the morning pages  I was hit with the 5 year plan thing...I hate to do it, but in all the art business stuff and even for the regular Joann like me the thought of what would you like to be doing in 5 years comes up...Now I did this about 7 years ago and to my amazement it all came true.   My biggest accomplishment was to get in to the Naperville Riverwalk Show...a bigger for me...Now the 5 year plan..The husband and I would share ideas...he's creative too and we would be having another garage out the back in the yard ideally with all the man things he loves and me I would be using the space he has as a garage for a class room...yes that's right a classroom...You see I really do love where our house is now and it's a little hard to move way up north unless someone drops a big gold brick for where we are we could do it...I wrote it out like nothing and when the husband had a few cups of coffee yesterday morning I shot him the 5 Year Plan.  He laugh so hard...he said I see in these 5 Year plan that I'm the one that will be doing all the work...Let me write you a 5 year plan honey he said hahaha ...but the 5 year plan is put out here in the universe and you just never know...the thing is to get to the plan we have to finish the under construction addition we put on the house first  so either way it's something we have to do soon before permit runs out..

now  information coming in..

From the Professional Artist magazine.Oct page 8
Planning your Art Business

Part 1....a holistic approach
Art is making something out of nothing and selling it-Frank Zappa

Important..Remember you art business should support your art making, not replace it-Robert Reed
Planning  an art business does not mean that you  only create art that sells. Your money-losing art is often the stuff that excites you soul. this is where you push boundaries, and experiment with new ideas and techniques. I refer to this part of your art business as "research" (article by Robert Reed)  so with this information trying not to beat myself up for all that I've done so far...some things are very successful and others not so..but it's reserach and I can live with that or accept it. It is also hard to look at what I'm doing as it should be fun and play...well it is I do enjoy playing office and keep track of things and also being organzied its just facing my reality- The art making has become more of a mediative pracitice.  But it's time to stop the volunteering all over the place...I know that sounds so cold... and ungiving.  I'll still do it here and there,  but I would like to put that extra time into areas of my life so that I can streamline somethings so it doesn't have to be "Slap Jacked" together and I can keep it simpler. 

Now a bit of info from Artist Way book I'm working with.. Week 4...Morning pages point the way to reality; this is how you're feeling; what do you make of this?  It's not that I'm blocked, by no means is that happening...but by being a bit on the prolific side it poses some problem what do you do with it all...I'm a horder of my own art that I make...and that's not what I make the art for I make it and express myself and then let it go and be part of some one else life and let it carry the mystery in the message is has been given to me.

 Quote from Chekhov- If you want to work on your art, work on your life..That's another way of saying that in order to have self-expression, we must first have self to express. So how is that done?   1. Know thy self  which is always changing and growing..  then start doing the research and finding out what works and what doesn't and make room for new information and direction...

As I write this all out now I wonder or your probably wondering what the heck is she writing about?  My reality and my dreams is all...I'm an artist and I've always been in some form or another and I have to be creative and in some way or form a self expressionist, with that there are skills that I've been allow to hone in on and that has been sharing what I do as of making the art or collage work and how you get there...I still have areas of difficulties but I put that in the research catogory and chalk up as experience. In the big picture it really doesn't matter all this rambling its just another form of self expression and I'm trying to be authentic which is just letting it out and going with it...My stone today was shed the mask...and thats another form of information that came in to me today...

Well get me rambling and no telling when I'll shut up...Off to Book club this morning and the studio this afternoon.


  1. How incredible is it that you made a plan 7 yrs. ago and now it has all come true!! That is such a huge gift and an inspiration for the rest of us!! You are living proof that dreams come true if you put the intention out there!! Love this whole post but that one part seems like it is a flashing, glowing neon sign that the rest of us should pay attention to!!

  2. Love the idea of a plan.... but there are so many distractions along the way!

  3. Oh the plan was made about 7 years ago but I've been flopping around for about two now and some new inspirations is sneaking in for a new plan...kind of hard to do that with the way the money situation in the world is..

    Yes there always is so it's good to keep the plan alive by doing something daily towards that...Like I've to move some old dresser out and move some artwork there so the spouse can get to the back room to make a new bathroom and be part of the 5 year plan...Yikes best bust a move on that one.


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