Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The count down begins

I decided to take a walk, well it ended up being a granny run two times around the woods path which is about 4 miles. It was lovely the wind was blowing over the tall grass as I was coming down the path they just bended and bowed to the graces that passed over them...so beautiful.  Came home and walked the dogs. Had me some breakfast and started on assembling the tents, all four of them. I have a very old tent that is sturdy as heck and then a new one that I'm not to sure about..the metal work is lighter so that's good for hauling.  And then I have two Easy-ups...the husband came home and said "Honey I don't want to hear you say anything about my motorcycle thing in the garage..." where did you get all those tents? it's just to funny how you can start looking and behaving like your spouse.. Now how did I get there?  Oh yes, tents are up and I've set up the table for doing my demo on and then I've got a few some snacks and for information..I've also set up the sandwich board display from the art league..there not the fanciest kind of things, more old school then anything else but they will do the job..as of displaying the art.. I'm really sick...no I mean that I've got so much art it's sick..I think I'll start putting up the smaller ones on my blog with the tack down Tuesday stuff so I can sell them...I've got the boxes for it..  You know the whole time I was setting up the tents I was thinking of my Husband that he really must love me...cause I don't know how he puts up with me and all my STUFF... Well all the way around things are working out...I hear a little rain my come in the next couple of days...hmmm hope it just moves on by with no side effect over our house.. More later..well if your interested in finding out..

Oh one last thing...check this out..I tryed a new technique and added it to one of my collage for Tack Down Tuesday and I also submitted to the people that made Anne Bagby's video, click here.  What a nice surprise to see it up.

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  1. Hey, you didn't bug the hubby about his motorcycle thing in the garage, so you ought to be able to your thing under the tents.


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