Monday, September 05, 2011

As a Crow Flies is finished

Not a very good photo of it, early in the morning and up in the studio.  Feel grateful that it's on schedule and tomorrow I'll be dropping it off at the Naperville Art League, for the Septemeber show, "As a Crow Flies"  I have to admit I'm thinking of giving it a different name..I seem to be nudge in that directions but waiting to hear what that name will be. The Husband will help me bolt it together.  I could have just purchased a 40 x 40 clay board with the 2" sides but what fun would that be. 

I wanted to put the sketch up mainly for myself to see the sketch and where it took me...You see I don't normally do a sketch...I kind of let the papers speak where they would like to be and go with it..but I've been in the process of teaching myself new things lately...Never to Old to Learn a New Trick right? 

Purchased some Ribs for the family so I can cook them on the grill later and I've also purchased some food stuff for the weather gets cooler the pots start growing on the stove top and things are bubbling..Love that's a plan...

I've got my front yard to tend to sometime today and get the weeding or taming of the weeds a bit for the outdoor studio exhibit that starts on crazy as it sounds I posted a schedule of what I would like to accomplishment each day before...managable things and today was cut the lawn and weed and make a nice dinner...but I'm ahead of schedule as I cut the lawn yesterday...  I've had two people in the past month ask me what else I know like hobbies or something and I have to admit I've got my life style is one that I've created and also blessed to have.  And I really don't want to loose I work hard at keeping what I'm blessed with.. I'm not a big window shopper or shopper at all...finder of odd things yes but not a doesn't serve me well to go through a clothes rack and look at clothes..It does nothing for me.. Mainly because I don't always like the style of clothes they offer... Now why am I ramble off on this...? 

There goes the brain...grabbing bit here and to walk the dogs and tame the weeds...where'd my chair, whip and hat go?

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