Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tack Down Tuesday's #5 BOGO

Materials Used:
140lb. watercolor paper, painted deli sheets, stained tissue papers, Old book pages, altered National Geographic with Citra Solv, gessoed and painted Kraft paper, Acrylic glazing and black thread stitching.

Meaning of the artwork:
I’m starting the Artist Way book by Julia Cameron again for the 11th time (with a group of women) “ No I’m not a slow learn it’s just that good of a book/course to work with other liked minded people about creativity and spirituality and learning to live and be a full time person.”   So when ever I begin the book (12 week course) I get into a wonderful mind set of spirituality and how that transfers over to creativity.  I think this is my favorite color palette next to black and white. And as I remember Julia Cameron saying to keep the Drama on the page as of morning pages but I’ve moved that to my art work, as you can see some of the work gets pretty intense…that’s only so the really parts of living can be more peaceful.

Both piece for 65.00 + tax, s/h

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