Sunday, August 21, 2011

Randy Svencner in the September 2011 The Horse Magazine

So wild and wonderful to see the Man in the Magazine... that's my husband with his chopper he built this past the article they spelt our last name wrong...but Oh well, you know it's him..
September2011 Issue of The Horse Magazine at you newstands now..


  1. Great camera angle to make him look even MORE impressive! Thanks for posting this photo -- good-looking guy! --Carol Leigh

  2. This is so cool!! You all must be so proud!! A great keepsake for the kids too!! My dad was once featured in a trucking magazine and it was so nice for him to be recognized for being good at what he did! I still have that magazine somewhere!!

  3. Waaaay cool Laura. He must be over the moon. What a stud!!!!

  4. Wow! Just like a movie star! What a wonderful article spread, Laura. How exciting!


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