Thursday, August 04, 2011

Keeping motivated and facing fear..

 A form of Inspiration.... sounds so goofy but I need to give myself ways to keep the movement going forward...walking of course is one way... your feet do that automatically but I'm talking about ways of passion and drive.. I just order these books for myself..(belated birthday present) and the last one here is coming in soon...these are some of my favorite artists and when I look through their work in these books I'm inspired to keep working on my own artwork...I also like to listen to music...all kinds of music  but I do have to say I've not gotten into Classical...something I need to get a search on here soon about.. don't know why I've not gotten into it, but I think I didn't hear much of it when I was growing up..not bad or good.

But back to the inspiration and what helps you keep the motor running..I also put a picture of myself up there from last years Outdoor Studio Exhibit interview, that was in the local newspaper...I like this picture because it has me working on a piece that Sold...which is always a good sign to have but I have a piece on the table now that I'm "tacking down the papers" part of a continual series of Faceless People.. It's been sitting way to long...I've got some fear about it...don't know why...Oh yes I do...the hole I cut is larger then the other ones and I want to expand on that and I had the idea to do that. New territory so fear automatically jumps in. So gearing myself back up to venture back into this piece is taking some work... and I don't think artist talk about this part of their process much..Kind of scary I guess.. or to face the fear of what ever it is..and how silly it may sound to other but it's a real thing that happens and only other artists/creative types can understand... well I really shouldn't say that only creative should be all human beings have this same emotion of fear and what it does to them and how they chose to  deal with it or not.. so...with venturing out today to teach Day 1 of 4 classes in Art Journaling,  I'm facing my own anxiety that I go through with every new class also.. but foot in front of the other and soon you'll be walking out that door.. 

Share about your fears and how you get through them or not and what happens with you art...does it sit there and you start to go through gamut of other emotions...spiraling down the tube of despair...

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  1. Thank you for your honesty about the anxiety in the creative process. It helps me to go forward, knowing I can work through it, as you have. And most of all, that the fear is normal. I am not alone.


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