Monday, August 29, 2011

Just a Monday morning...

The nuthatches are starting their busy little gatherings and hidings in the back yard amongst the Maple trees. I love to hear their little churs and peeps.. Yesterday morning you could hear them must have been a family...And I noticed the spiders in the house...only a few in the sinks... for me that's a sign of the seasons changing...usually I see it in the late winter before spring and now.  I've not see the Canada geese start there flocking and practice flying with the adolescent ones...but soon enough.  

Getting back into the swing of things shortly too.  I received information from my web hosting company I've been working with for the past 5 years...seems as they made some changes and moved things around and I was just one those smaller ones that got lost in the shuffle of now I've got a brand new site...should be now changes with the imagary you see but I've got to load it up and on first.  And I may I know for sure I will need my daughters web ranger I'm one that has to be shown first...all the reading that goes on behide the scenes doesn't always click and I an up wandering in my own hoping she's will party in this one..

I send out my postcards today for the Outdoor Studio Exhibit...hoping for good weather.. speaking of weather...prayers for all the people in the stormage off the east coast...I've not heard from my friend but she live inland...

Well off to do a bit of the homestead chores and see if I can get back up stairs to the studio...really enjoying my process with the piece I'm working on..

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