Friday, August 19, 2011

How's Hank?

My Photography daughter said she hadn't taken any picture of Hank in a I was excited when she wanted to take a few of him.  He's a little over 13 months and they say our Larger breeds can continue to grow till there 18 months there's still some of that going on.  We can always tell his hind quarters get taller and then the rest of him evens out..he's still got some jiggly skin to fill in yet...But as you can see he really got a very gentle spirit...he's my comfort in the daily ness of life..wrap your arms around him and you can't help but feel good.. You can see in the pictures his coat has brownish tint to it especially on his back...we don't know if it's sun tan or going to stay that color...some areas there patches of darker newer hair...funny thing.. We went to the park where there's a big green space for the two of them to run around and there were some young teenagers there and I could see they wanted to greet Hank just as much he  did them...That's all he want to do is get a good sniff in and then off he curious that way...between him and Sophie(cat) in the house I don't know who's more curious.. But the Great Dane breed was a bred for hunting and tracking so the long noses area is good for something.. Well back up to the studio today...Journal class was good some great things are happening so picture next it's our last week together...

Now I have picture to sent to April so she can do a thumb print doodle of Hank...


  1. I LOVE Great Danes. And Hank is gorgeous. What a beautiful coat.

  2. He IS gorgeous! Julie was in awe when she saw the pictures! Have to show Danielle.

  3. How sweet! Hank looks like a very lovable dog.

  4. Thanks Nikki...still a puppy brain and growing every minute...we love him dearly..and Love your site..great works on there Nikki!


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