Friday, August 05, 2011

How many direction can you go in one day...

Good questions how many directions can one person go in?  for me many. And not in any great order, but I do follow a list as of the projection and little homestead jobs to do... I finally sat down and watched a how do art dvd so that I could take notes and gather up the materials to give it a really try. I think it's kind of funny to see them here..I don't expect anyone to understand them...heck there my notes and how I understand what I saw and heard...but they make a wonderful map of where I headed. 

Visual Art Journaling class...first week is introduction to the white page..and getting acquainted to some of the art materials.
 Out of order as usually but it all works by the end of the day.  Gesso on the surface with playing with texture, we used a Cardboard coffee protector, let it dry and then came back in with a little baby wipes and dabs of acrylic..rub in and subtract out the color and blending...
 And this one is playing with watercolors in no certain order just playing around and then I showed them how to add to it...this is one I shared I didn't like, and why I don't like it is the colors...Not my palette...We carved stamps from gum erasers and you can see my little "s" shape added...I then did some printing of the cardboard coffee cover and I can see there's potential about to happen...I share that it's a ugly stage of the process and how to look at is as problem to be solved.  There was a bit more in the class too..great group of budding Art journalist. I look forward to working with them..

Then before I cut the lawn I got myself up to the studio for a time to watch the dvd and tack down the papers to the next piece in the series...there's a shine there because all the papers need to be coated with Polymer medium which is very glossy.  I've added in some of the papers that I printed awhile ago.. and you might be able to see the other paper that have been's a technique carried through the series.  So fast the fear of getting back into this piece even though I'll be putting in box with a wooden manikin I still need to face the taller space and the idea I'll be doing before mentioned..." a problem to be Solved" an it's my love? hate relationship with creating art...I love to fix the problem and I had to have fear.. so taking care of a few things and then I think I'm sneaking out to the City today to visit to gallerys...or while I'm there a few more...that's the plan...


  1. It's funny Laura. Before I posted a brutally honest post on my blog yesterday I was trying to figure out what to do. I scolded myself and thought 'look at all the things Laura gets accomplished' and figured let me see what you're up to. I come here and the first thing I see are your lists. And I remembered you saying you use lists alot. And I got it. It was the final key I needed to complete my thinking. Thank you. I'm going to try out the list making and see if that corrals the thoughts so I can move forward. The journals are looking good; great idea on that S stamp. Never thought of using the gum eraser!

  2. Yep! Looks familiar. And so interesting always; the explanations of your journal pages and what you're doing.

  3. Too funny Ladies, others ask how do you do it...and I barely do it but I do it in small moments of time which we be been trained by outside influences that we have do it all day... heck with being a mom for so long...I'm just use to doing things quickly and in sections... Now I think I have more "ADD" then every before but I'm going with the flow on that...not fighting it..

    And April, the journal hard to break the steps down for students... I let them know I've just giving the basics...there is so many different ways and starts and ends to it...and then you have to allow yourself in there as of creating what comes and exploring areas you've not..then that becomes something new to add too. Ramble...ramble...ramble...



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