Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day with an Art Journal, Visual Art Journaling Part 2

 Cover of the art magazine I brought was used to cut out the shapes of a house. You can see that I cut them separte so that you can bring in different colors...I used a small sponge for this process. You can try it with other mediums like pastels to see what happens...In  fact I encourage the student so experiement with the what if 's. 
 I brought in the black Gelly pen and added a bit of lines around the house and around the yellow circle. I'm not finished yet...but it's a good start.
 Here is my sample I did in class today..again it's just a start..more will be happening this I'm sure...I think I had those jumping and dancing monkey image packing tape transfers somewhere. 
We also did on a different spread just using watercolors or acrylics water down and plastic have to be quick about this...put it on and then lay the plastic wrap over and let it sit to dry..where you scrunch up the plastic warp the area leaves the nice crystal effect. not sure where it's going but it will work into a nice spread. 


  1. Love reading about your art journal pages, Laura! ...and send me a pix of Hank!

  2. Looking forward to watching this develop even more!

  3. I love doing the art journaling but need to make some 2D work for a show comeing up so I'm able to put the full steam into these like I would like to.. but it's always good to have a challenge set in front of you...Mulit Tasking !!! look out.. here I come.


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