Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August's Tack Down Tuesday #1

"Mending a sick heart"
8 x 8 artwork, matted to finished size 12 x 12 with foam core backing ready for framing.
 Materials used: 140 lb. watercolor paper, stained tissue papers with and without string, Nevr Dull National Geographic magazine collage papers, stained and printed deli paper, gessoed white lunch bags with acrylic glazing, added acrylics with black thread stitching all fused to the watercolor paper with a tack iron, sealed with UV varnish.  
Meaning of the art: I have this bowl of stones on my kitchen table with affirmative words painted on them and every morning I pull a stone from the bowl.  This morning I pulled a little stone that had the word Love on it. I took that word with me when I went for my morning walk/run with the color red on my min.  As I went around on the path I couldn't help but think of my family, the ones I live with and the ones I don't and how each of their lives are turning out and I felt sick and sad for them. I think that this is in most families there are those that seem to stray and need their hearts mended.. so I created this collage piece to honor all the hearts that need mending. I felt great love above the sad and sickness.
$55.00 plus sh/tax



  1. Sending out loving prayers for loved ones is some of our biggest work here, I think. They are blessed to have you doing that for them and for sharing the medicine that you seek every day.
    Love your art prayer.
    Big Love !

  2. Johnny de Jesus1:41 PM

    THIS "Buy Now" button isn't working.

  3. Hi Johnny,
    I just fixed it...sorry about that.


  4. johnny de Jesus6:02 PM

    Thanks LAURA, Please let me know what regular shipping to VANCOUVER, Canada is.
    Thanks, Johnny

  5. Hi Johnny,

    best if I can chat via email..I will need you address if your interest..so email at lonecrow4 at gmail.com or lonecrow4 at comcast.net either will work and we can go from there..if you interested in purchasing this let me know so I can put sold on it.

  6. johnny de Jesus8:21 PM


  7. Johny6:34 PM

    Thanks for the beautiful print that arrived yesterday.
    It will always be an inspiration.


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