Saturday, August 06, 2011

Artist Date-Museum of Comtpemporay Art-Chicago

 Marc Duchump's work which was lovely to see, small images of  his work that fit in to a suit case.
Joseph Cornell and his boxes.. Oh I was in cool standing there in the room with this pieces.. the real thing..Art

 Louise Nevelson's work,
This part of the exhibit that is in the Museum is on the fourth floor and what sight to see..Pandora's Box, Joesph Cornell Unlocks the MCA Collection.
I saw this part after I saw the Mark Bradford's work..

had to snap of picture of this...crow flying.
 I read this and I was blown away by what he said...for me the kind of work I do has now got some words to it...Call it a crazy Yes this is it, he's said perfectly..words I just didn't know how to put together but when creating layered works such has his and other Collage Mixed Media it truely is about the energy underneath. 

 I've got to say this is my favorite piece...stacks of these collaged posters on a table...something about the whole pile thing.
 This is not the largest piece there but I thought seeing some human beings standing next to it would give you all a good idea of what the impact of the work can do..
His mother owned a salon and she used the thin perm papers and he used them in his work...I know I'm presenting this full exhibit to you all correctly but then I wouldn't want to hinder you own personal impression of it..

if you like the mixed media collage, and want to see a young artist, who is living and been working in Chicago now for a while you should see this exhibit before it leaves..

Artist Date...what is it...a block of time that only you spend with yourself visiting and see new things and stuff to fill you creative well of knowing. (my personal definition)

Out of the blue I decided to give myself an Artist Date, there's been a Gallery I've wanted to visit Jean Albano's and then I was sent an email from a friend about Mark Bradford's work at the Museum of Contemporary of Art so just like that I look up on line the details and I was off...they said there would be a discount on parking if you parked in their that was the plan and then to walk to Jean Albano's gallery..  When I got there after a slow crawl down I55, Construction it was moving and I was thankful of that... I found the parking once I circled and came around again...Went in and found out I couldn't go any further and then the parking attendent came to the lower level and let me park in an area that had a cone...took down my info..plates and all and asked for my keys...special what I thought  Wow give myself a date and look what happens.. so he walked up stairs with me and off I went into the Museum... Really if your in the area go see it I think it's up all this month.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these images. Some of my favorite artists for sure. I have seen several shows of Mark Bradford's work. Seeing it is quite an experience. Thanks for highlighting him so I could be reminded of that.


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