Friday, July 15, 2011

Skipped a day of's Friday

So many things need tending to and I just decided to work on them all in one day and cut out the distractions...I got out to the woods early and really enjoyed myself did a lot of forward thinking and hear some great solutions to the situation that where coming's one of the reason I call my walks in the woods Medicine...That's Medicine for the mind body and soul if you know what I mean.  With the heat of summer rising up and down I'm trying to schedule the days that might be good to work out side so yesterday was one of those days.  After putting on 6 miles, 2 walking and 4 granny trotting I came home to walk the dogs..they so love it, Carl though I need to walk him but it effects him if we go to long so I've got to be attentive to his needs.  After the walks were done I ask the Son to get me some gas for the Lawn mower and he did...hard sometime to get the young adults to pitch in and help out...that gas needs to be mixed and I wasn't sure how much so he did take care of that... So the yard is cut and then I had to tend to the old drive way either I let it be and the crab grass grows over or I have to get the crab grass and follow the cracks in the drive way and chop them up...I use to sit and weed it but it's way to much so now I use a shovel and slide that along and chop it off...yes they come back but there tame then...Tended to the bushes and some of the weeding of the front brick walk way...Then I washed my windows...and did the dishes and clean up the house all before the Husband came home...I have to tell you the feeling of pride for my home and yard were really strong in me yesterday...I'm feeling the side effects from it all today but it's worth it...I have to admit my obsessive side was really out and cutting up a rug.  This weekend I really need to tend to the big fish tank...55 gallons and it needs it three times a year cleaning. All this that I'm tending to I've got ideas floating around in my head...I'll get up to the studio soon I tell myself..the juggling of chores and jobs to be done to keep a balance or a false sense of balance is s job in it self.. Well got to head into LaGrange Art League today to drop off some stuff for the Make Your Mark drop off date of July 30th..we should get a good showing of people dropping off their journals..I've been hearing the buzz going on from many I know struggling and juggling to finish them up... well off to tackled today list and maybe slip a quicking in the studio like I did other the day...small steps forward...

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