Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who's your Daddy? Happy Fathers Day

Here's my dad...this is really resent as of in May when I was coming back from the workshop I was teaching up at Dillman's I stop in and stayed over was so good to see my dad and mom..there place is so peaceful..some day I too would like to have a place off a lake in the northern states.  So funny looking at myself and my much we look a like...and then if I stand next to my mom there's a likeness there too. Which rightly so..they are my parents but it's the realization of it when you see it in a photo...  I remember he was always fixings cars...I could look out my bedroom window and see him working on some car under the car port..So young and remembering to myself...That's my dad out there.. me so proud of that man...I'm so grateful I've had this life experience with him and there is more to come I'm sure...Happy Fathers Day Dad...Love you. Your Daughter Laura. 

I drove up to Milwaukee yesterday morning and it was a wonderful day trip...the Seminar with Jason from Xanadu Gallery was so informative that it's will take a while to put it all in to practice but so good to to get back to the daily studio time, which I have been doing good with it but with out warning I'm distracted and off doing something else...just two hours daily would be good..and that's what I was doing.. Just a lot of great advice...need to set up some gallery hopping of always good to scout out the galleries you might want to be in and it's best to go in there and be a observer and see how your treated and if you fit with the gallery..then get you butt going on making about 20 pieces and get that portfolio so so much good things to work towards...After the seminar I was able to see the Lakefront festival of art and it was something to see...I purchased a few more rusty crow's for my yard and one of my house...can't pass them up if there the right fit for my taste..

I had a good time sitting next to Crystal too..She's a fellow artist and always welcoming to see a familiar face..but again Jason is so friendly it's not hard to feel comfortable..

well not sure what the day has in store...I do want to call a friend and see about a walk in the woods. she's moved closer not to me and I have to show here the woods that are right in her back door practically..

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