Monday, June 06, 2011

Noodling and tweaking

Gathering my things and getting prepared for a big launch....Tack Down Tuesday's starts tomorrow and I have to admit I'm not sure what I'm doing. I flying by the seat of my pants on this one. I've got to do some noodling and tweaking of something so bare with me on this..

My neighbor wanted to know what I won the 2D award on at the St. Charles Fine Art Show?  I thought that was pretty nice of him to ask. Each art fair has their committees and ideas of how they would like to hand out the awards and this show they asked the artist which piece they like the best in their booth that day and the judges judged that I this is the one that one for 2D Diverse Mixed Media

Waves of Letters, 14 x 34 abstract landscape, on 2 ply 100% cotton rag mat paper, and many layers of collage papers, with glazing and acrylic rubs.  double matted and framed

I was thinking....joke in the house when I say that is "Oh no working with out tools" but know I was thinking I am all over the board on works that I do this is so different from what I'm working on now... but like Robert Rauschenberg said...I work on a piece till I know it or until I become board with it.  When I read that statement by him I so see he had some dyslexia too or learning disabilities. So he too turned to the creative side of life and excelled in that direction.  OK rambling again..  Off to figure out a few computer things and gear up for tomorrow..."tack down Tuesdays"


  1. Gorgeous, I can definitely see why you won :)

  2. Love this image Laura... a most deserving winner.

  3. Totally awesome piece Laura :)

  4. thanks Ladies...


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