Saturday, June 04, 2011

Just another day in the yard

It's just that time of year where the growth of the outdoors is really growing well and in some areas needs a bit of taming down.. And it's an annual thing we are all doing if you live around here in the mid section between the rain that we are having lately.  I've got a nasty case of Garlic Mustard and buck thorn growing with some mulberry's next to the fence line that just wrecks havoc on the fence later and not to mention the berries that the birds eat and poop out right along the fence again and again.  So when I look out my studio window I don't want to be thinking about Oh I should be out there tending that.... this week seems to be the week to do that tending.

I've also been cutting back on the time on the computer which is nice...but I still have to do some stuff later this day..but by the time the evening comes I sit down and I'm out...sawing logs. Seems I'm procrastinating a bit... but I really am enjoying the gardening parts now...

I have a big piece that's  not working and I think I might bring it out side and take the sander to the surface and see what happens...The more and more I do to it the more I don't like it so I'll be looking at that today sometime too.

Well not much happening but what is....hope everyone is enjoy the weather if it's good by you.


  1. Journal looks great. Bet it was exciting to finally have it back. Its traveled a long way hasn't it?

    Miss you. Hope to keep in touch more once this hectic madness subsides hehehe.

  2. It sure has Uta and I'm so glad you are in it...keep in touch always love to hear what your up to.


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