Friday, June 24, 2011

I received a gift

Our mail person is coming later and later these see we have one side of the road with houses and the other side is the cattail basin (which I love) and either we get the mail at 9:00am or at 6:00pm never know.  Yesterday I was out getting the mail at 6:30 after he drove off and there was a package from a dear friend who I've not had enough time to hang out with...
There's been a few package that have come this week for my birthday which I've been so delighted with...I got new shirts too (thanks Cuz)...I'm such a slob with shirts but these others I received where one of each color...Thanks to my art a life longer and other just in the last 10 years or so...but back to the package I received yesterday..

A book on Woman Turning 50...I'll have to read it after the book I'm reading now about Rob Lowe.. that's not art business related...or Self help...I was told by a dear friend to read something different and I've been trying to read different books so it's on my list...Thanks so much ladies for the gifts this year.  As I said I received many of them this year in fact all year around...a new vehicle, (which we're making lovely payments), a new big puppy and a new lap top along with the gift of friendships being renewed and old ones enriched. 

So did a little art in the studio... waiting for my wooden/faceless people to come in but I'll have to wait even longer as I'm not going to be in the studio this bust a move on the homestead stuff and the little bits of running about I need to do before I leave for New York...I honestly can't believe the husband and I are wild and so grateful we can...we both keep question it as of the cost to do this but's our 30th year together we better darn well celebrate right???


  1. Belated happy birthday to you! Welcome to the 50s - I'm loving these years! :0)
    Ooh New York - have a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks Angela...


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