Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exciting news

I received a message on the phone yesterday after I got home from visiting The Mainstreet Art Center in Lake the way which was a wonderful visit...and sounds like things are moving in the direction for a workshop there in Feb 2012..need a few things hammered out yet but both sides are happy.  So back to the news.. this piece above and the one below both are sold...I got the message and called Chris back at J2Gallery and he let me know that the piece is sold...though on a payment plan with them,(won't see the $ for a few months)  that is still wonderful news...the three smaller piece I had with them a few month ago sold and now this one.  Seem the city dewellers like this visual voice in these piece more so then the western suburbs...and that's alright with me.

My frames came in and my skateboard blank decks will be shipped out something this week...I have plans and hope the drive is there to complete the ideas floating around in my crazy creative head...I'm so thankful I'm able to let them out...I surely would be dangerous if I didn't...

And a big thanks to Amy W. who purchased the piece below...shipping it out in a few days.. just letting transaction settled and then it will be on it's way..

Ok got to get the behind off the stool and bust a move today..

oh here's something to look at technology has us moving to some fun things to do with our art and images.. Custom Cases for IPhones 


  1. Congratulations Laura. It's always wonderful to have your work validated by a sale. It's well deserved.

  2. What great news. Congratulations. The piece in this post is stupendous -- and now some lucky person will own it!

  3. Oh thanks you too!

  4. Laura, this series is some of my favorite pieces you did... The colors and the spirit behind them are fantastic. Congrats to you!


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