Sunday, June 12, 2011

A cool Sunday Morning

I had wanted to sit outside this morning on the back patio to do my morning pages/journaling but after about 10 minutes my fingers were really cold and the dogs were sitting really close to me all huddled up..So I came inside.  The lawn needs to be cut and I managed to weed one of the flower beds yesterday...on going project that is...or Therapy is more like it...I use to find it very comforting when the children were younger to weed..I was outside with them as they played and in my own little world sort things out..  So today is another cool day and perfect of the Sunday morning walk and tending to cutting the lawn..I would like to then head to Hinsdale Fine Art Fair...a few artist friends are in this one this weekend and I would also like to see what's going I've not been in the show for about two years.  (miss it cause it's so close, but sales where never well for me in Hinsdale, a more traditional town...not like Naperville) well each artist has to do that evaluate and weigh out things as of which would be better.

Conflict, who Wins?
36 x 36 clayboard with cradle birch sides.  collage papers, image transfers, printing, buttons, beads and acrylic glazing.

I was able to put my final coat on the big collage I've been working on...I was thinking of getting Osio Brown to photograph it and then I've got a good image for prints if I wouldn't you know in my emails there's a deal for scans like I need...such a deal.. so this week I'll be bring that in and I finished up the piece for The Flying Pig...and I need to order some frames though..."Goes on Monday's list of things to do"...   then I will have a clean slate to start some work for the October solo show at Downers Grove Library... well you knwo me rambling a way...I also need to put a move on my journals too for the MYM exhibit coming up in September...why so urgent..with all the homestead tending to do juggling it all has to start now...


  1. Love the conflict piece! You're always so inspiring dear Laura.

  2. Nice work Laura! It's good that life is full.

  3. Ha! We know how to juggle don't we??? The conflict piece is amazing. Good work girlfriend :)

  4. Juggling the full life that's what I want to be when I grow up..haven't gotten the juggling part down yet but working at it.. the full part is spilling over..


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