Friday, May 20, 2011

Time to pack up and head home

I'm trying to savor every minute of this whole adventure for myself...Yes it's time to pack up but I'm trying I'm fighting the frenzy that goings into the packing up and trying to do the easy does it more layed back..My teaching up here at Dillman's has been one of peacefulness and lots of creative energy.  I did here the words your high energy..which I don't realize I'm like that cause I'm always going till my head hits the pillow but I am... another thing to see in myself..Though I only had the four gals in the workshop mainly for the whole four days...Joanne stopped in for two mornings I really enjoyed their company and learned more about them and their lives...I really do hope that it all works out and I can teach here again...I like this time of year too.

So here is the last of the picture I took yesterday...well a few of them.

 These are Maureen's series...she wanted to do a color study with a colors she doesn't normally use...and we sure enjoyed watching her explore this...She made some great papers..too.

Mona, had another one going but I didn't see it on the display table... this is her abstract landscape.  Nice job lady. I think she really enjoyed the landscape lay out of this project.

 These are Deanna's pieces...she was a busy little beaverette...we were in awe over what was creativity coming from her table. The top one of her four here is a working with the outside edge of the papers more and letting it really hang out and see the form.

And Jill's little gem here, she was working on the shade technique which I think they all experience...I have more picture of their work I figure I just put a few up on the post...

The workshop was mainly about creating your own collage papers and then working with composition which we did on the small size and then moved up and out from there...I think they really got the concept with it..

My stay here and teaching experience has been so awesome...good thoughts for next year...this Girl wants to come back!!!


  1. Laura... your class sounds wonderful. I like seeing the photos of the work from the class. My dream is attend one of your classes that has papermaking & composition. Thanks for sharing!! Kim

  2. Hmmm what kind of paper making are you looking for?? hand papermaking from plant fibers like yucca leaves or the collage paper making I have going on in the classes now? I do both but the hand papermaking take a bit of a different spin then the I make it out side...


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