Monday, May 09, 2011

Featured Artist of the Week

Hi, do you know how you just go for it? and hit the button these day.  Well maybe not all of you do that but I seem to do that a lot and mainly to move forward, take a risk or challenge myself...As you probably already can tell I don't sit still for long and I've got to keep my hands busy and the inspiring thoughts going throw....I'm not one to let take a room in my head and stay long...So where the heck am I going? good questions. The new site that's loaded with a lot of good stuff and information is Create Mixed Media .  There was a little announcement that ask people/artist to submit their work or if that they would like to be the artist of the week, so I did that.. their response was they were over whelmed with responses and would get back to me...then another email came through and asked if I wanted this WEEK, Yes this week  and I said sure without turning back on that one..You can see that Mary Beth Shaw the artist that asked me to be in her book a while back Flavors for Mixed Media and with a few season artists and new ones are all on there sharing and promoting great ideas..Even Seth Apter with is Blog questions.. So this week you can see my selection of free flowing I call them. Had good fun creating them...challenge next would be to move them to a larger size instead of little 6"x 6" pieces.

Mother Day recap and studio time
 I think this is page number 4 that I'm sending to a friend in see we became friends when our youngest where about 1 year old in a exercise class...both artist, mothers of 4 and seeking health and strength and a clean mind...She moved to Georgia because of husband's job and we have stay in contact for the past 7 or so years with phone calls a few visits but lately I was feeling a bit distance from her and I know she likes to write letters and being an artist and doing her own journaling I thought wouldn't be cool if we sent each other pages...So I started and now she's sending me pages.  We punch three holes for the rings that you by at the office supply stores so we can add on and on and on...I'm imagining it be big and bulky...How exciting!!!
I have a book that I got at the local library...50 cents it was and I've been purposely tearing out three pages and slipping other papers between and having at it!  What ever comes out...layerings, thoughts and covering and giving the piece the History is so call for.. Me I was sharing about my Mother's Day which by the way was great...took care of the needs of the family...sorry to say I'm not one that sits back and waits to be waiting on hand and foot by her family....(learned that doesn't work...not in my family it doesn't so left that expectation long ago).  Stood at the deli counter and listened to the other woman/mothers talk about that same thing. We tend to our families and then get lost in the after noon...some were just going to get in their Car and drive away...too funny that we all were standing there feeling the same...Oh we love our family but our time away and with some solitude is so important to our know the mind, body and soul I had a beautiful Mothers Day and ended up putting together a few more little Coptic stitch books  in the evening while watching TV.

Off to tend to the daily task/chore list and see if I can fit in a walk in the woods..


  1. woo-hoo! Love the site, Laura - and love these beautiful pages!

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    No wonder Create Mixed Media loves you--your work is wonderful and your enthusiasm just jumps off the page!
    It's a great place to play--although your study looks like it works for you just fine.

  3. I saw a documentary on PBS yesterday called "Who Do You Think You Are" about women artists juggling art and family. Very inspiring . . as are your posts. :-)

  4. Oh I'm so glad you were featured! Laura I love that page for your friend....beautiful. Sorry I haven't thanked you for your great comment. I know you are so busy and you still take time to guide me as always. Truly appreciated and I just love where your creative life has headed.

  5. thanks everyone...I had hope that my link was set up for the Naperville Art League-a 3 day workshop is set up but that didn't happen yet from my web site. I do love all the great stuff going on the Create Mixed Media site.
    Jan- so glad you were able to watch that show...I have the box with the goodies and watched it with a group of artist women and we discussed afterwards...very moving. Well for me it was.
    Well must get have a path and your following it you just stray like us all now and then..good thoughts for mom and you!

  6. I saw your work on CMM and loved it. I am not surprised at all that they picked you to be highlighted!! Congratulations.


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