Thursday, May 12, 2011

a dream come true~graphics are on

A dream come true...well with some adjustments on my part..I had wanted a Dark blue VW Beetle but when I checked in on getting one a while back I found out it would be a lot of work need on the Man's part in the relationship here and that was to much to expect espeically if I wanted a really old one..and how would I haul the art around and all the other important stuff I needed.  So the little dream was sent away floating on a bubble that it was on before..not burst but just let go of...But I did need a new vehicle and we went looking and I was attracted to this odd little thing called a Transit by Ford.  Well one thing lead to another and I was able to get the Lisense plates that say LNCROW4 on it and now a design that started from the header up above on my blog which was my daughters design and it got carried into the design on the Transit you see here.  I can't believe it...pitch me I've got this excitment in me that hasn't come fully out yet...I feel like a little kid....Reality is I've got to bottle that excitment for a bit and get behavoir now...need to get my act together and be ready for the road trip...but isn't it cool !!

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  1. Cool is right! Gorgeous, Laura!!


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