Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 3 and Day 4 will be an early start

 Joanne wasn't able to make it all day long but she was here today...We shared papers and she was able to finish making her paper from Day 1.
 I start everyone off with some very small pieces and give them the basics to learn all the different techniques for the process of using the tack irons. Maureen is ready to cut the last side off tape off.
 Jill is cutting her tape off the little gem of a collage sampler...
 Deanna is busy cutting out some smaller shapes to use in here collage.
 Mona, is our out doors woman today...what a smile, we are waiting for Captain Todd..not Captain my names mixed up to take us out on the pontoon ride which was fabulous. Just what we were really need to break up and fill up..
Here are the small exercise pieces and a few others of my demos  we have one more day left and really could spend more time but will have to wait till next year.. We will be working on Canvas and doing some Abstract Landscape piece tomorrow.   

This is Roadie...I had to put him on the post, you see Deanna and her husband found him in February on the side of the road...his hip dysplasia, arthritis and neuralgic problems...and he's about 14 years old..he needs a Blue Dog harness to help Deanna pick his back area up to walk...what a spirit he has...they could leave him there along the road not with making contact with those eyes.. its hard for Deanna to deal with him but his good now and with a happy family of shelter leftovers as some might say...

Well we are going to start earlier on our last day together so we can get as much time in as possible. We are gathering all the creative time we can...little ceremony at noon and then our gallery tour and dinner together at the end of the day...then time to pack up on Friday morning...    Well time for bed and ready for fresh need day tomorrow.


  1. Really nice post, Laura! And I LOVE Roadie . . what a story!

  2. He has my heart too Jann...I have a picture of him that Deanna gave me..he's the best...don't know how he got there or what really happened to him but thankfully Deanna and her husband drove by that day...


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