Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another thing crossed off the list.

I was able to update thing on the website nothing to major but I did post some of my new works which are smaller but still it's posted..but there's a part that I need my web ranger (my daughter) to look at..there seems to be a problem with the way Internet Explore and other Internet provider works...Lets say it will show up on Firefox but not Internet with funny but most of it got figure out and I feel a heavy weight has been listed...I really hate it when I have something to do and it gets put off...Mainly because of the seat time involved so when asking for a person to set up a website for you remember that there is whole lot of behind the scene kind of stuff going on...

Not sure what the day will bring I cut foam core 12 x 12 or just hang out in the studio and see what happens.

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